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SAMSUNG Vacuum Cleaner 1800 Watt: VCC5450V3R

Model : VCC5450V3R
Category : Small Home Appliance
Brand : Samsung
Availability : In Stock
Price :

2,725 L.E

Product Details

Breathe easy, Literally

360 degree

Swivel Hose gives you easy movement with hose, for more convenient cleaning of yours.

2.4L big capacity & Built in accessory

2.4L big dust capacity & Built-in accessory

2-Way Parking for

2-Way parking systems enables user to attach the pipe onto the set during & after cleaning for easy cleaning and storage

Breathe easy. Literally.

Samsung uses HEPA filtration to ensure the cleanest exhaust when you vacuum. By catching micro particles such as dust and other allergens like pollen and mold, HEPA filters deliver a much cleaner and healthier environment. In fact, the exhaust air quality and emission ability of our HEPA filters has been certified by the SLG, the Germany’s highly respected testing and certification institute. And some of our house mite and allergen filtration has been certified.

Informative Dust Full

Dust Full Indicator alerts users when to empty dust bag & dust the filter change dust bag when indicator turns “RED”

Ergonomic Built-in

Ergonomic design of the carrying handle helps users to move and hold the cleaner easily

Dimension of SC5450

Bullet view

Table view


  • TORCH Red


  • NB250 (2-Step Brush)

Basic Feature

  • Body Variable available
  • Telescopic Steel available
  • Power Cord Length: 6.1m
  • Action Radius: 9.2m
  • 360 Swivel Hose available
  • 265mm Cleaning Width
  • Auto Cord Rewinder available

Dust Collection

  • Bag Type
  • 2.4Liter Dust Collection Capacity


  • Foam + Micro Filter available
  • EPA E11 Exhaust Filter available


  • Colour Box


  • 1,800 Watts Max Consumption Power
  • 440 Watts Suction Power
  • 82dBA Noise Level


  • Crevice included
  • Dusting available

Logistic Specification

  • 233 x 370 x 273mm Net Dimension
  • 310 x 502 x 316mm Gross Dimension
  • 580 / 1220 / 1,400 Loading Quantity
  • 4.0Kg Net Weight
  • 6.8Kg Package Weight


SAMSUNG Vacuum Cleaner 1800 Watt Bag Type: VCC5450V3R