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Samsung Washing Machine 12 KG silver :Wf1124xau

Model : Wf1124xau
Category : Washers & Dryers
Brand : Samsung
Availability : In Stock
Price :

21,699 L.E

Product Details

Samsung presents Ecobubble  the first washing machine to generate special bubbles that penetrate faster into fabrics, making cold water wash like hot water. Thanks to ecobubbles, you will save on energy but still get picture perfect results. Also you can wash piles of laundries at once which saves your time and energy due to 12kg largestest load capacity.

How Eco Bubble works?

The Eco Bubble generates bubbles by dissolving detergent with air and water before the normal cycle begins. The perfectly dissolved detergent quickly penetrates into fabric to be thoroughly rinsed out without remaining detergent residue or stains.

Bigger Capacity, Less Chores, More Time for Yourself!

Just looking at your huge pile of laundry makes you feel tired. With Samsung's new 12kg load capacity washing machine, you can wash all that laundry at once which saves you time and energy!

Peaceful Operation for Silent Washing!

The main reason washing machines are loud is because of an unbalanced load. With Samsung's VRT Plus  sensors keep the drum perfectly balanced even at high spin speeds regardless of load size so you hardly know the machine is running. With less noise and vibration, you can do your laundry anytime do your laundry anytime.

Highly Efficient with Durability!

The brushless Digital Inverter Motor doesn't cause friction between motor and brush, which avoids energy waste and makes the motor highly efficient. Without the constant friction, the motor reduces wear and 10 year warranty also allows the washing machine last longer. Moreover, this innovative motor reduces the noise level while delivering outstanding performance.

User-friendly display

Let the customers know that Samsung washing machine upgrades their space with modern beauty with sophisticatedly designed Color LCD. The LCD Color Display of Samsung washing machine automatically analyzes the optimum wash cycle for the laundry you just put. The smart and easy control of this display allows the customers to live better and easier life.

Smaller Holes for Better Fabric Care!

The streamlined shape of new Diamond Drum helps your clothes to wash softly by moving along the unique designed drum line. Also the small water exit holes prevent the fabrics from sticking out and consequently being damaged. Now you know even your most delicate clothes are being handled gently with upgraded diamond-shaped drum.

Long-lasting Quality

Samsung double coated ceramic heater protects itself from the build-up of water scale deposit, which ensures the heater will last at least up to ten years.

Consistent Power

Samsung Volt Control safeguards the washing machine from high levels of shock and even lower voltage, which protects life of the washing machine. Also this outstanding technology automatically restarts after power outages to protect your clothes as well.

Eco Drum Clean

This function removes buildup of detergent residue and dirt in the drum and door glass without special chemical.


Auto Load Control yes  
Standard Cycle Time 138 min.(with bubble)  
Quick Wash Time 15min  
Jog Dial yes  
Color (Body/Door) Silver / Chrome Hairline  
Display Type Color LCD  
Ag+Silver Nano no  


Door opening type   130°
Spining Performance   A
Spin Speed Max 1400
Door Lock Display   yes
Child Lock   - Informative Function > Child Lock : [Yes] - Safety > Child Lock : [Yes]
Time Left Display   yes
Progress Indicator   yes
Delay End   yes
Fault Check Display   yes
Stop&Add   no
Pre-Wash   yes
Rinse (1-5)   yes
Rinse Hold   yes
No Spin   yes
Economy   N/A
Anti-Foam Control   yes
Overheating Control   yes
Safety Self Cleaning Filter yes
  Self Diagnostic System yes
Wrinkle Prevent   yes

Product Information and Technical Data

Energy consumption (Kwh/year)   1.32kWh
Energy Efficiency   - Energy Efficiency > Energy Efficiency : [A+++] - Energy Efficiency > Washing Performance : [A]
Washing Capacity   12kg
Water Consumption   78Liter
Noise Level Wash: dB(A)re 20¼Pa/dB(A)re1pw 52dBA
  Spin: dB(A)re 20μPa/dB(A)re1pw 72dBA

Standard Wash Cycle

Cotton yes  
Coloureds no  
Synthetics yes  
Wool yes  
Hand Wash yes  
Delicates/Hand Wash yes  
Bedding yes  
Quick yes  
Spin yes  
Rinse+Spin yes  
Drain no  
Duvet No  
Curtain No  
Towel No  

Physical Specification

Dimension Net (WxHxD) W600 x D600 x H850
  Gross (WxHxD) W689 x D705 x H890
Loading Quantity 20/40/40Hft 48/102/153
weight Net 71 kg
  Gross 74 kg


Samsung Washing Machine 12 KG silver :Wf1124xau